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Fairer Fish MSC uses only Skipjack tuna, the most sustainable species of tuna.

Caught in the waters surrounding 8 island countries in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean, this area is home to over 25% of the Worlds tuna.

Caught without the use of fish aggregating devices (FADs) which are known to significantly increase bycatch, Fairer Fish MSC helps ensure long-term sustainability of fish stocks for future generations.

Caught only on vessels with trained crews and MSC accredited observers, Fairer Fish MSC comes with full traceability detailing, where, when and how the tuna was caught.

All of our product is canned within the region increasing employment in an area where over 1/3rd of the population are living below the poverty line. Each of our canneries follow either the BSCI or SA8000 which are designed to improve working conditions.

Fairer For Fish, Fairer For Ecosystems and Fairer For Fishing Communities


Every can of Fairer Fish MSC free school Skipjack tuna carries a traceability code.

Watch the journey of your Fairer Fish MSC free school Skipjack tuna by entering the traceability code.

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